Digital Marketing 101

As a business owner, we need to know how to do just about everything… from website updates and constant posting to social media channels to getting to that marketing strategy, oh, and what about writing blogs and sending out monthly eNewsletters to attain and retain customers?

I get it.

And not to mention all the financial administration, motivating staff and working ‘on’ the business – it can seem overwhelming but fear not – support is at hand.

Digital Marketing 101 suite of eBooks

For those of you who love to learn new things or upskill in the digital space, Beaconworth has a suite of great eBook downloads that will help you in this space.

Everything from how and why you should be regularly updating your website, how to get found online with tips on online directories, creating and maintaining email marketing campaigns, hot tips for kicking off your social media, best practice tools to use like Canva, graphics, video and more.

There are 5 eBooks in total, with the ‘Digital Marketing 101’ encompassing all of the topics!


And if you just don’t have time for marketing…

Why not let Beaconworth Digital help you with the website and marketing stuff? This will free up your time to do what you do best, and that’s work on YOUR BUSINESS.

Beaconworth will take you through some proven strategies, we’ll talk about your brand and how you like to be presented in the marketplace. Then we’ll create a ‘Marketing Action Plan’ that will cover website updates, social media posts, eNewsletters and whatever will work best for you and your industry.

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