In this article from the coveted Search Engine Journal, it points out that Google’s increasingly complicated algorithm is making it very difficult for small business to compete with big-budget national brands.

The main take-away here is that you need to spend around $3,000 per month to see results. And if you pause your campaign, you’re basically starting the process from scratch.

You can read the full article here.

So, where to from here?

So, where else do you funnel your hard earned, digital advertising dollars?

Facebook is still an affordable and attainable platform for both brand awareness and for gaining new leads and sales. And depending on your audience, so is Instagram, Reels and TikTok. And not many know that Spotify is a great option for cut-through (and your competition probably aren’t doing this). As a bunch of folks are using the free version of Spotify, they have no choice but to listen to ads. Unlike YouTube, they can’t skip through after 5 seconds! And the best news is that Spotify helps you with your audio script and does the voice over for you – genius.

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