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It’s that time of the (EOF) Year

You already know that Marketing services, including all of your website support is tax deductible.

If you still have budget allocated for marketing this year, give me a holler, I can help you get that new blog done, create that new eNewsletter, set up your new Facebook campaign or update your website.

According to this cool article from Yellow, here’s a quick list of the types of Marketing that you can claim:

  •  Social media costs (such as social media paid campaigns)
  • Paying for a marketing consultant
  • Investing in organic search strategies – SEO – and paid search campaigns – SEM
  • Newspaper, television, magazine, and radio ads (both creation and placement)
  • Digital display advertising
  • Website domain registration and maintenance fees
  • Directory listing fees 

Other ways to get in touch

Let’s discuss your digital marketing and website needs:

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